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1807, 2020

Treating Iron Content in Water

Treating Iron Content in Water Why treat Iron content in Water? Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) in water sources can become a serious operational issue in downstream process equipment. Depending on the concentration of the Fe and Mn in the water source, this could lead to an aesthetic (lower concentrations) or a chronic health (higher concentrations) issue when water is utilised as a potable water source. High Fe and Mn concentrations are generally not seen when dealing with surface water sources, however, exceptions can occur. High naturally occurring Fe and Mn concentrations are predominant in groundwater sources, where contact with [...]

2008, 2019

Synergy Groove, Mc Gregor

Synergy Groove, Mc Gregor: Treating 15 000 liters of grey and black water per day. Synergy Groove is a 50 seat restaurant and pub in Main Road, Mc Gregor. The objective was to design and install a plant that allowed for three times the normal retention time and treating 5000 liters of waste water containing oils, fats and food waste. System installed: Clarus Fusion ZF 4000. Water is re-used for irrigation and gardening. System manufactured in South Africa. Low power consumption: 336 Watts + 75W UV chamber. Low maintenance: 6 months, non-disruptive. 20 Years guarantee. [...]

2008, 2019

Witsand Water Production Unit

Witsand Water Production Unit: The first solar desalination plant in Africa - an integration with OSMOSUN® technology. Co-financed by the French and Western Cape Governments, this project was fully implemented in 8 weeks and achieved its full production objective within 1 week. Environmental safety is assured through our comprehensive environmental management plan to carefully measure the impact of the project on the environment and making the data publicly available on the municipal website ( Municipal staff has been trained on the desalination plant's general daily operations. Together with Mascara Renewable Water, we monitor the plant remotely to ensure [...]

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