We are a Project Developer and Integrator offering Independent Water Producer services.

Professionals with over 30 years’ cumulative experience in designing, financing and managing infrastructure projects in Southern Africa.

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Turnkey Water Solutions was founded in 2016 with the conviction that decentralized infrastructure projects are best suited to address today’s challenges of water and energy supply.

Because these challenges affect basic human needs and long term socio-economic development, our core aim is to provide sustainable, local solutions that will influence or improve community health, social cohesion, economic development and provide solutions to address climate change.

Before intervention, and to assure that our objectives and our clients’ expectations are aligned, we carefully assess the context and environment to identify long term affects such as community development, economic empowerment and environmental safety.

Our vision is to provide every place where there is a need and a source of salt water (sea or brackish) with affordable water abundance for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

Our vision is to improve the Water Cycle by providing decentralized sources of drinking water, harnessing the abundance of salt water and sun whilst recycling and reusing after consuming, thus enabling a circular and sustainable management of water, addressing the challenges of water scarcity and energy supply in Africa, as well as empowering people, businesses and communities.

Our mission is to provide our clients with water autonomy and security from decentralized & renewable water infrastructures, solve the growing water stress affecting them, and generate the opportunities that come with it.

Our network of partners includes, but is not limited to the following service providers and professionals:  Architects  |  Engineers  |  Project Managers  |  Quantity Surveyors  |  Finance  |  Aquaculture  |  Fisheries  |  Agriculture  |  Construction  |  Logistics  |  Maintenance  |  Laboratories