Hey ! We are changing our name !

When Turnkey Water Solutions was started in 2016, the vision for the business was to provide sustainable solutions in the water industry and provide our clients with an “end-to-end” or “Turnkey” solution when it came to their water needs.

Our first significant project, the first solar powered desalination plant in Africa, built in the Western Cape of South Africa in 2018, spoke exactly to those values.

Fast forward to 2021

  • Our team expanded with high quality individuals, bringing strong technical and finance expertise
  • Our vision has evolved to address the full Water Cycle and deliver long term benefits
  • TWS has gained two international shareholders who share the same vision

Our Mission is to provide our clients with water autonomy and security from decentralized & renewable water infrastructures, to solve the growing water stress affecting them, and generate the opportunities that come with it.

Associated to this mission, we have come to realise that as much as we provide turnkey solutions to our clients, what we really desire to do as business is make an Impact : Improve the livelihood of populations and sustainability of businesses by improving their Water Cycle.

We therefore hope that, like us, you will like our new name, Impact Water Solutions.

It speaks perfectly to our updated values and goals as a company: Providing affordable, high performing and sustainable solutions to our clients.

  • Affordability:    We’ll seek to provide our clients with the right solutions, which fits their budget as well as offering finance in all our projects to allow our clients to be off takers of water.
  • Performance:    Our solutions will be of the highest quality ensuring that our clients receive the best service and technology that the industry has to offer.
  • Sustainability:   We will always seek to ensure that our solutions are built to last – using not only sustainable methods, but also not relying on traditional sources of energy to power these solutions.

According to these, we will keep integrating the best of available and innovative technologies, implementing digitalisation and monitoring to understand the dynamics of resource versus consumption, and maximising the use of solar energy to power our systems.

We invite you to engage with us, and find out how we can make an Impact for your next water project.