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ESG policy

Our goal is to have an impactful purpose within communities through the projects we develop. Water security and autonomy within communities and industries unlocks various opportunities within different factors of the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) policy. We believe our projects integrate the ESG pillars that can achieve sustainable and ethical impact through the SDG’s propose by the United Nations.



  • IWS is committed to environmental compliance and regulations from the development phase to the operation phase of our projects. We are committed to our mission to utilize clean energy for water infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions.  As a team, we continuously improve our environmental performance.


  • IWS promote inclusive growth and social development within the communities our projects operate in. We believe water security creates opportunities for development within communities. Water security and autonomy is the driver behind community development, creating a snowball effect within different factors of the Social and Economic Development (SED) of communities.


  • As a company, we promote ethical business and anti-corruption during the development, construction, and operation phase of our projects. Through our projects, we develop water infrastructures combined with renewable energy that are innovative and long-term sustainable. These projects ensure that the most disadvantaged communities have access to water and therefore can participate in the broader economy, achieving socio-economic inclusivity. Proper water and wastewater infrastructure restore dignity within disadvantaged communities.